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Thursday 11 June 2015
by  tannier

Ancestrome organizes a Jacques Monod conference in may 2016

May 9-16 2016: Roscoff, France
Molecules as documents of evolutionary history: 50 years later
With confirmed participation from
Eric Alm, MIT, USA, Driving forces of Microbiome evolution Dan Graur, University of Houston, USA, New perspectives on molecular evolution Tracy Heath, University (...)

Tuesday 25 March 2014
by  daubin

RevBayes Hackathon in Lyon

The France-Berkeley fund has allowed us to organize a RevBayes hackathon in the LBBE in Lyon. For a week, people from Lyon and Berkeley have gathered to implement new functions in the RevBayes Framework. Among others, Sebastian Hoehna, Fred Ronquist, Bastien Boussau, Nicolas Lartillot, Tracy (...)

Monday 3 February 2014
by  daubin

Ancestrome organizes ALPHY/PhyloSIB in Geneva

The joint Swiss-French meeting on Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Genomics, ALPHY/PhyloSIB 2014 is taking place in Geneva in February.
Ancestrome is an official sponsor.

Friday 1 November 2013
by  daubin

Three new articles in the french edition of Scientific American

This months, Three popularization articles from members of the Ancestrome consortium (Guy Perrière, Laurent Duret, Eric Tannier, Simon Penel and Vincent Daubin) have been published in "Pour la Science", the french edition of Scientific American.
One is about junk DNA:
Éloge de l’ADN poubelle (...)

Thursday 5 September 2013
by  tannier

Scaffolding and reconstruction of a full ancient chromosome

The article
"FPSAC: Fast Phylogenetic Scaffolding of Ancient Contigs", by A Rajaraman, E Tannier and C Chauve, has been accepted for Bioinformatics. It scaffolds the contigs of the chromosome of the recently sequenced bacterial agent of the medieval plague. By reconstructing ancestral (...)