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The IDEAL trial was set up to identify markers (phenotypic, genetic, or environmental) of blood pressure (BP) response profiles to angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs) and diuretics.

IDEAL was a crossover (2 active 2 wash out phases) double-blind placebo-controlled trial. Eligible patients were untreated uncomplicated hypertensives aged 25 to 70. After a selection visit and a run-in placebo visit, patients were randomized to one of the 4 sequences. Main outcome was BP differences active treatment versus placebo.

124 patients were randomised. Mean characteristics were : age 53, men 65%, smokers 21%, diabetes 6%, family history of hypertension 60%. Average BP fall at each visit before randomisation was about 2% of the initial level reflecting both a regression to the mean and a placebo effect.
First results on phenotype suggest that age and gender are important determinants of BP response to indapamide and perindopril.
The results of the IDEAL trial are expected to improve knowledge in drug’s mechanisms of action and pathophysiology of hypertension, and to help in personalizing treatment. The estimation of BP responses to each drug in standardized conditions provided a benefit to each participant.

Hospices Civils de Lyon are sponsors of the IDEAL trial

Professor François Gueyffier is the Principal Investigator of the IDEAL trial

Doctor Théodora Bejan Angoulvant is the Coordinating Investigator of the IDEAL trial

Trial Registration : NCT00128518 ;
Access to the NIH clinical trials registry : click here